Guided Tours

We offer regular public tours or individually bookable tours:

Guided tour in DGS (German sign language)
for visitors with hearing impairments

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Personal guided tour “More than a Life”

The “More than a Life” personal guided tour presents the permanent exhibition with drawings, graphics and sculptures by Käthe Kollwitz in chronological order.

The introduction on the ground floor brings Käthe Kollwitz’s Berlin to life, while the following two floors are devoted to her artistic work. In this way, the life, artistic career and associated attitude of Kollwitz become comprehensible in the context of contemporary history. Continuities can be identified, such as working in cycles or her growing interest in the motif of the working class – as well as ruptures and new beginnings e.g. abandoning of the artistic medium of etching, the discovery of woodblock prints or her changing understanding of violence.

Depending on the interest of the group, the guided tour can have a historical, social or artistic focus.

Personal guided tour

in German, English and French
Date by appointment
Duration: circa 1 hour
Price: 60 € plus entry ticket price

Public guided tours in German

Sunday is museum day! May you like to visit the Käthe Kollwitz Museum once again and let yourself be guided through our permanent exhibition “Käthe Kollwitz – More than a life”. We bring you a little closer to the great Berlin artist and her work in 60 minutes.

Every last Sunday each month | 15.00
Duration: circa 1 hour
Minimum number of participants: 3

Tour included in regular ticket price.

due to the corona pandemic temporarily not available

Slow Art – Guided tour in German

Every last Wednesday each month |  18.00
Duration: circa 1 hour
Number of participants: minimum 3, maximum 7 persons
Price: 3 € plus reduced admission each person

Since April 2019, the Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin has offered a new participatory guided tour courtesy of the international Slow Art Movement.

By looking at a few art works in great detail and subsequently discussing them as a group, participants learn how to appreciate individual works in a new light. Discovering independently is not only fun, it also trains the gaze and builds curiosity for further personal exploration within a greater variety of artistic expressions.

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum invites you to take a slow look at two selected works by Käthe Kollwitz every last Wednesday each month at 6 pm. Priority will be given to works that are not shown in the permanent exhibition but rather held in the depot. The event takes place in the museum’s viewing room.



It is also possible to book a guided Slow Art tour in English.
Appointment by advance reservation

Slow art tours temporarily not available due to the corona pandemic.

All guided tours are bookable directly by e-mail via
Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin.

Phone: 030 – 882 52 10