Protection and hygiene concept

for public access

Opening hours and permitted number of visitors

Shortened opening hours continue to apply: daily from 11.00 to 16.00.

Information boards in front of the museum and in the entrance area will draw visitors’ attention to Corona-related restrictions and rules of conduct, which are also published on the museum’s website.

A maximum of 40 visitors are allowed in the house at any one time.

Distance and hygiene rules

The distance rule of 1.5 m applies in all public areas in the museum. In the entrance area, the distance and waiting areas are marked accordingly, as well as in front of the visitors’ toilet.

No more than 40 visitors are allowed in the museum at any one time.

A supervisor checks on the floors that the visitor limits and distance rules are observed and that there are no encounters between different groups of visitors in the narrow stairwell. The escape door on the ground floor can be used as an exit to provide relief in the narrow entrance area.

Liquid soap, towel dispensers and hand disinfectant dispensers are available for visitors in the sanitary rooms.

Obligation to wear a mouth-nose mask

Visitors are required to wear an FFP2 mask in the exhibition. This can be purchased at the ticket desk, as can disposable gloves.

Exempt from this obligation are:

  • Children up to the age of six,
  • persons who are unable to wear an FFP2 mask due to a health impairment or disability (proof of exemption must be provided in the form of a medical certificate),
  • deaf and hard of hearing persons and persons who communicate with them, as well as their accompanying persons.

Visitors suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection are not allowed to enter the museum. This is visibly indicated in the entrance area and on the internet.

Please also note

Cloakroom lockers are not available. Bags and jackets will be accepted at the ticket counter.

Hands must be disinfected before using the touch models set up in the exhibition. Disinfectant dispensers are available directly next to each tactile model.

Recreational breaks on chairs are possible, provided the spacing rules are observed.

Shop and contactless payment

In the museum shop you are only allowed to look under observance of the distance rules.

Cashless and contactless payment: All amounts can be paid by card.

Group tours and events

Guided tours indoors and outdoors with more than 10 participants take place in compliance with the 3G rule (tested, vaccinated or recovered). Special regulations apply to school children, namely exemption from the 3-G rule. Group and educational activities are also possible outside of the flowing visitor traffic.

Wearing a medical mask is compulsory outdoors, and an FFP2 mask indoors. All other requirements such as minimum distance, attendance documentation, etc. correspond to those for flowing public traffic (see above).

Compliance with the rules is ensured by the staff on site. In case of repeated violation of the rules, the house authority can be exercised and the visitor can be expelled from the rooms in a friendly but firm manner.

General hygiene measures

Keep your distance
Please always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons and avoid direct physical contact.

Washing and disinfecting hands
Please wash your hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds. Feel free to use the disinfectant dispenser in the restrooms.

Adhere to cough etiquette
Please do not cough or sneeze into your hands, but into the crook of your arm.

Mouth protection mandatory
Face masks are mandatory for all persons in publicly accessible areas of the Käthe Kollwitz Museum. We ask everyone to cooperate.