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A visit to the Käthe Kollwitz Museum addresses topics in
Politics, History, German, Ethics, Religion and of course Art.


„Käthe at Ku’Damm“

Project for school classes

In 2022 the Kollwitz Museum ist moving! But before Käthe Kollwitz leaves the Ku’damm, the current school project is devoted to the wonderful surroundings with its prominent neighborhood and many historical and artistic traces. The students go through an interactive rally in Berlins’ West End. What places of art were there in the early 1900s? What is their connection to Käthe Kollwitz? Historical cross-connections are made and comparisons are draw between now and then.  

The question-and-answer principle accompanies the walk: from simple decision-making questions and search requests to creative tasks in drawing or photography. In small groups and equipped with tablets, the students follow the instructions in the “Actionbound” app. The answers and results will be collected and then reflected on together with the leading art educators.

for secondary school | max. 28 students
from 10.00 – 13.00, appointment upon agreement
Duration/price: 180 minutes | free contingent, regular 6 € per student (materials and equipment included)
Language: German

Concept: Barbara Campaner, artist / Doro Petersen, artist

In cooperation with Jugend im Museum.

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Jugend im Museum

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Exhibition talk:

Life and work of Käthe Kollwitz

Permanent exhibition “More than a life”

The “More than a Life” tour presents the permanent exhibition with drawings, graphics and sculptures by Käthe Kollwitz in chronological order.

The introduction on the ground floor brings Käthe Kollwitz’s Berlin to life, while the following two floors are devoted to her artistic work. In this way, the life, artistic career and associated attitude of Kollwitz become comprehensible in the context of contemporary history. Continuities can be identified, such as working in cycles or her growing interest in the motif of the working class – as well as ruptures and new beginnings e.g. abandoning of the artistic medium of etching, the discovery of woodblock prints or her changing understanding of violence.

Depending on the interest of the group, the guided tour can have a historical, social or artistic focus.

for primary and secondary school  |  max. 30 students
Duration/price: 60 Minuten | 60 euros

Language: German, English, French



Permanent exhibition “More than a life”

Hunger, war and social injustice – those are the topics Käthe Kollwitz repeatedly dealt with. Which topics are moving us in Berlin today? Are there similarities to the times in which Käthe Kollwitz lived? After a tour through the exhibition, students develop their own ideas on problems of our times and sketch eye-catching statements.

for primary and secondary school
Duration/price: 120 minutes | 75 euros
Language: German

Interactive workshop:

With the museum suitcase
Discover Käthe Kollwitz interactively

for the permanent exhibition “More than one life”

Students are able to get very close to Käthe Kollwitz through specific works. Together we search for clues: With the help of exciting assignments we learn more about Berlin around 1900 and gain insight into the life and work of the artist Käthe Kollwitz.

If desired, the following topics can be explored in greater depth: artistic techniques, writing and script, sociology, and politics past and present.

for primary and secondary school  |  max. 25 students
Duration/price: 120 minutes | 75 euros
Language: German

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