What connects a receipt from 1927, a painted stone and the work “Mother with Boys” by Käthe Kollwitz? This program is about looking closely, exchanging ideas and making connections.

Together, the students go in search of clues. They are given ancient objects, historical facts or biographical quotations to decipher. The challenge is to find the content-related cross-references in conversation with each other and to use this as a basis for getting together in small groups. Together, they then make their way to the exhibition space to find a work of art that fits their theme. Finally, the groups present their contributions and the connection to the selected work.

In this way, participants come closer to Berlin 100 years ago through discovery and gain insight into the life and work of the artist Käthe Kollwitz. The following topics will be addressed: Biography of the artist, Berlin 100 years ago, society and politics, artistic techniques.

For elementary school, sec I and II

max. 25 participants

120 minutes | 90 euros