School project day

on the exhibition “Käthe Kollwitz – And yet it is art”

Käthe Kollwitz was a great drawer, graphic artist and sculptor. She developed a socially critical view of society and expressed herself artistically on the grievances of her time. In her prints, she addressed themes such as social injustice and created committed works on the subject of war in the technique of woodcutting.

The pupils discover the diverse art prints and the artist’s themes in the museum. They learn about the technique and history of the artistic printing processes – relief, intaglio and planographic printing. Materiality and technical-craftsmanship aspects, as well as processes of artistic creation, will be examined.

Alternating between individual and collective processes, the pupils from grade 5 onwards carve and print together a large-format linocut based on a motif by Käthe Kollwitz. Pupils from grades 1-4 experiment with polyblock printing plates. The resulting prints can of course be taken home.


Please remember to wear clothes suitable for the workshop.

For primary school, secondary I and secondary II + after-school care

up to 28 participants

180 min | 135 euros per class (100 euros up to 15 students)

Materials and equipment will be provided

Dates on request | time frame 10.00-13.00

Course leaders: Diogo DeCalle, Ulrike Koloska

Registration: directly at Jugend im Museum e.V. or via Mail