In 1904, Käthe Kollwitz began to work with sculpture, she studied sculpture at the Académie Julian in Paris and visited the studio of Auguste Rodin. In 1912, she decided to look for a studio and rented a room in the wellknown Studios located at Siegmundhof 11 in the Tiergarten. Kollwitz first sculpture “Lovers” is dedicated to Rodin’s “Kiss”.
Her famous sculpture “Mother with Dead Son”, also known as “Pietà”, can be found in the Neue Wache (New Guardhouse) in Berlin – the Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Victims of War and Dictatorship. The enlarged replica of the sculptore was made by the sculptor Harald Haacke, a student of Fritz Diederich, who had been commissioned by Käthe Kollwitz to create the life-size figures for the work “The Grieving Parents” for the Roggefelde (present-day Vladslo-Braedbosch) military cemetery in 1932.

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