every two months, the first Thursday of the month | 18.00

In April 2023, the popular interactive guided tour format “Slow Art” was reintroduced. This series of mediations, already tested by the Kollwitz Museum, aims to decelerate the museum visit. Every two months, on the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m., visitors are invited to an intensive viewing of a few selected works by Käthe Kollwitz.

The slow, independent viewing of art is the focus of Slow Art. Through an unbiased look – at first without information – and the subsequent conversation, a new perspective on the works of Käthe Kollwitz opens up to the visitor. In principle, the Slow Art looks at the collection’s own works, but this year also includes the sheets from the interventions “Mother and Child”, “Rejected Versions to the Series War” and “Simplicissimus” in the picture considerations.

Duration: ca 60 minutes

Number of participants: min. 3 persons

Costs: reduced entrance fee plus 3 euros participation fee, free of charge for members of the Association of Friends

Registration requested via e-mail to bildung@kaethe-kollwitz.de

Dates 2023:

  • April 6, Mother and Child
  • June 8, Nudes
  • August 3, Departure and Death
  • October 5, cycle War
  • December 7, Simplicissimus