At the end of September 2021, something happened at Charlottenburg Palace: The old foyer on the first floor had to give way at our future location in the Theater Building. The old counters and dark wall paneling were torn down. Soon, a bright, friendly entrance will be created here for our future visitors. In addition to the ticket office and museum shop, there will be lockers in various sizes, especially for school classes.

For more than 30 years, the large Kollwitz figure by Gustav Seitz has been enthroned in the museum’s cupola room. It has been elaborately moved to the upper floor and will soon leave its place there with similar effort. At its new location, like its twin figure at Kollwitz-Platz in Prenzlauer Berg, it will finally be allowed to stand outdoors and greet our visitors in front of the theater building.

Finding the right location in front of the new domicile is not that easy. So, without further ado, a true-to-scale mockup was produced – which was kindly taken over by employees of the restoration department and the Schirrhof of the Foundation Palaces and Gardens – and positioned in a positioning test at possible locations in front of the Theater Building. However, we are not yet revealing the final position. Let us surprise you from where the bronze Käthe Kollwitz will greet you in the future.

You are also welcome to support us, because the removal of the 2-meter bronze alone costs an almost five-digit amount. Donations are very welcome. Take a look at our donation campaign on or use the donation form here. Thank you very much!