Staff meeting at the future location

Under clear blue skies and sunshine, the Kollwitz team went to the future home of Käthe Kollwitz in early March. We not only wanted to see for ourselves the progress of the renovation work, but also used the formerly royal premises for our annual staff meeting for the first time.

You still need a little imagination to imagine the building site as a museum. Nevertheless, an increasingly clear picture is forming of the future home of the Kollwitz Collection, which will move into the theatre building during the summer months. We are cautiously optimistic that there will be no further delays and that the museum will reopen here, on Spandauer Damm not far from the “Zille-Kiez”, at the end of September 2022.

Before we entered the building, a small plane with the Ukrainian flag as a banner flew over the castle park and reminded us that the call for peace in these times seems more urgent than ever again and unfortunately meets with little response. Käthe Kollwitz’s art with its clear demand “Never again war!” has not lost its relevance to this day.

Everything has its place: to the left, in the foyer in front of the museum ticket office, are the areas of museum education, library, art depot, workshop and administration. To the right, past the counter, is the spacious exhibition room, which is still being fitted with partitions and whose floor-to-ceiling windows are darkened in order to protect Käthe Kollwitz’s over 100-year-old works from the light as best as possible.

For our staff meeting, the exhibition room was transformed into a conference room by the colleagues of the Orangerie GmbH. Here we discussed the further procedure and the upcoming dates in the context of the move and the reopening. It is clear: The coming months of relocation can only be mastered by joining forces.