The construction work starts

We have reason to re­joice, because our relo­cation project is pro­gressing – albeit slowly. For example, our con­struction site was re­cent­ly set up on the west side of the theatre building. For protection, three-quarters of the pillars supporting the spacious bal­cony were covered with wooden panels. The floor under the bal­cony was also covered with wooden boards. The whole area is com­pletely fenced off and will be used as storage by the con­struction companies.

Something is also moving in the interior rooms: the ceiling is partially suspended so that cables and pipes can be laid, but also new walls can be put up, where museum education, library, art depot and workshop will be housed in the future. The Kollwitz team is looking forward to soon filling the (still) empty rooms and bare walls with life.
The coming departure from the long-time domicile in Fasanenstraße naturally gives rise to melancholy for many. However, the anticipation of the dawning of a new era in the history of the Kollwitz Museum outweighs this and fires our imagination. Observing the development process and the renovation work in the future house makes the move an exciting and thrilling affair.

(Above) View of the future art depot and the workshop/warehouse that will be built next to it.

(Below) The large room will be divided into museum educational area and library. The floor and ceiling have already been prepared for the partition walls to be installed.

We hope that our new home will be a center of attraction for Käthe Kollwitz’s friends from all over the world.