Last Sunday, June 26, was our last exhibition day and we had a pleasantly large crowd. With temperatures above 30 degrees, many interested museum visitors took their last chance to see the art of Käthe Kollwitz in Fasanen­straße.
On the occasion of this special day, a television crew from rbb also stopped by.

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum looks back on 36 years of successful museum work, which started in Fasanenstraße and will be continued in the theater building at Charlottenburg Palace from fall 2022.

The last two years we were – like many other art and cultural institutions – affected by the consequences of the Corona pandemic. We had to come to terms with the new situation: Hygiene and distance rules were communicated, measures to restrict contact were developed and implemented.We are grateful to have overcome this critical phase relatively smoothly and hope that we will be able to start unrestricted at the new location in the fall.

On Monday, our first closing day, we received deliveries of packing materials for the move to Fasanenstrasse. The first major packing activity followed in no time: the library in the director’s office was cleared out and safely stowed in boxes. The before and after pictures once again visualize the move, which was much discussed and planned and is now actually in full swing.