Special Exhibition

Live Online-Führung

Nehmen Sie bequem von Zuhause an unserer Online-Führung durch die Sonderausstellung “Käthe Kollwitz – Mit Händen sprechen” teil.

Geplante Termine:
25. April 2021
16. Mai 2021
30. Mai 2021 jeweils um 15.00 Uhr

Anmeldung über info@kaethe-kollwitz.de


Käthe Kollwitz – Talking with Hands

Special exhibition from November 7, 2020 till March 7, 2021; extended until June 6, 2021

Käthe Kollwitz gives hands a special meaning in her works. She often depicts them excessively large so that they dominate the subject. Touching, feeling, protecting, demanding, supporting, praying: contacts of various kinds can be found in her drawings, prints and…

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