4 days | October 11 till 14, 2021 | at a time 10.00 – 15.00 | children ages 10 and up to 14

Can you draw with sounds? How can you visualize sound? What are the acoustic dimensions of different lines?

The lines of Käthe Kollwitz’s prints and drawings convey different emotions related to motherhood and friendship, but also fear and sentimentality. Based on the variety of lines and the emotions represented in Käthe Kollwitz’s works, participants will undertake artistic research with the aim of making these works audio-visually experienceable. You will work with different creative and technical platforms such as Arduino. You will build and program a “Drawdio” (sound pen synthesizer) with which existing drawings can be “set to music”. Traditional drawing techniques will be explored and combined with technical elements.

Guidance: Oscar Ardila Luna, artist

Mo, Di, Mi, Do

Hour: 10.00 till 15.00

Fee 64 Euro & material charge 8 Euro

Booking through Jugend im Museum


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